Choosing The Right Wedding Accessories For Your Wedding

Located just a few miles outside of the UK’s second city, if you’re searching for wedding accessories in Birmingham Your Wedding Supplies is a fantastic choice. However, in addition to being placed in a wonderful location to provide high quality wedding supplies to the people of Birmingham, our central local also allows us to provide high quality wedding decorations and accessories to the rest of the United Kingdom!

Choosing The Right Wedding Accessories, 8 Tips To Help

There are lots of different wedding accessories to choose from and it can be difficult to find high quality wedding accessories at affordable prices. As, such we’ve created this quick list of 8 tips to give you a helping hand with deciding what wedding decorations you should choose.

Choose Your Colours Carefully
It is very important that your colours and patterns work well together. This doesn’t mean that everything has to be a single colour or you have to pick colours that match, sometimes some colour contrast can be very effective. Think about a classic romantic red rose. The red and green contrast each other, this draws attention to the rose and as such a single rose with red petals and a green stem can make a very powerful statement.

So in addition to the samples of the colours for your bridesmaid dresses and other wedding products, keep a colour wheel nearby so you can quickly find colours that contrast. The easiest way to do this is to find the colour of the dress on the colour wheel, for example purple and look directly opposite, which in this case would be yellow.

Think About The Wedding Dress, Engagement Ring And Wedding Rings
With regards to what the bride is wearing, arguably the three most important pieces are the wedding ring, the engagement ring and of course, her wedding dress. As such it is important to choose wedding accessories and decorations that work with these.

For example, if the bride is wearing an engagement ring with a beautiful sapphire, you might be interested in using blue table crystals as wedding decorations for your wedding centrepieces. However, if you’re not a fan of table crystals but you still want something special to add to the tables at the wedding reception venue, blue rose petals are great way to bring an extra romantic element to a romantic celebration of love.

Consider The Venue’s Features
Think about your venue and if it has any features that you could utilise for your wedding decorations. Perhaps you could tie some artificial flowers to beams using organza sashes. Or perhaps there are other features that you could decorate such as a beautiful large fireplace or large windows.

Use Flowers
Flowers are incredibly popular for weddings; many couples choose to decorate both their ceremony venue and their reception venue with flowers. They are a great choice of decoration because they are available in numerous different colours and there are lots of different types and styles of flowers to choose from.

Some quick tips to help you make the most out of your wedding flowers. You could reuse your ceremony flowers during your reception, or you could use the ceremony flowers to create a photo area where your guests can pose for photographs. You could even create a hashtag for guests to share their pictures on social media, so you can browse through them at a later date and see your wedding ‘through the eyes of your guests’.

Keep Things Simple
Remember that in many aspects of life; less is more. Whilst you may be tempted to go overboard with wedding decorations, remember to keep things simple. If you instead choose a few more eye catching and memorable items, they’ll have a bigger impact as guests will not be distracted by the large amount of decorative accessories scattered all over the venue.

Consider The Time Of Year
Think very carefully about any decorative features and the time of year. For example, if you are considering a large fireplace with a log fire burning during a summertime wedding, it might make guests feel very warm and uncomfortable; especially if there’s a heat wave. As such, think about the time of year and choose decorations and accessories for your wedding that are appropriate for the weather.

Pick A Theme For Your Wedding
If you feel spoiled for choice and you’re unsure what wedding accessories you should choose, picking a theme is a great idea. If both you and your partner enjoy rustic and vintage themes, styling your wedding in a vintage theme could be a great idea.

Get Professional Advice
If you’re unsure what wedding decorations you should use, it can be very useful to speak to a professional. At Your Wedding Supplies we provide high quality wedding accessories in Birmingham to people across the United Kingdom. So, if you need advice about wedding decorations and wedding accessories, you can contact us and speak to our talented team of professionals.

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