Autumn, Winter, Spring Or Summer. Which Season Should You Choose?

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Autumn, Winter, Spring Or Summer. Which Season Should You Choose?

Deciding what season to get married in can be difficult. There are numerous different things to consider, it isn’t just the time of the year. You’ll need to consider things such as colour schemes, flowers, wedding styling, wedding accessories and decorations and much more.


During this season, nature provides a beautiful background for wedding photos. With lots of rich gold colours, beautiful oranges and earthy browns; you can enjoy a wide variety of warm colours during this romantic time of year.

You can add lots of seasonal fun to your wedding decorations, for example you could fill a bowl full of silver table crystals with some orange blossom resting inside the bowl.

What Wedding Flowers Could You Use?

If you’re interested in an autumn wedding, some wedding flowers that you could use are as follows:

  • Amaryllis,
  • Aster,
  • Calla Lily,

Autumn Weddings; What To Watch Out For?
Sometimes during the autumn months there can be increased amount of insects that bite. So if you are planning on an outdoor wedding reception, consider reminding your guests to wear insect repellent.

Additionally, you might also consider providing your guests with advice regarding the pollen forecast closer to the wedding date. Whilst one of the most common types of pollen allergen is grass pollen during May-July, some people are allergic to weed pollen which is around the end of June to September.

You can find a pollen forecast by visiting the Met Office website.


Many people love the idea of a winter wedding, especially one with freshly fallen snow. Cool colours can help to carry across a winter wonderland theme, such as turquoise or silver table crystals, which can provide a beautiful icy decorative feeling to your wedding reception tables.

What Wedding Flowers Could You Use?

If you would like a winter wedding, some flowers that you could use are:

  • Carnation,
  • Gardenia,
  • Rose,
  • Star of Bethlehem,

Winter Weddings; What To Watch Out For?

The weather in winter can make a wedding reception feel magical; however it could also rain for hours and hours during your ceremony and reception. So if you are interested in a winter wedding, remember to set aside some money in your budget for umbrellas.


There are lots of things that make spring weddings wonderful. Firstly there’s the wonderful backdrop of beautiful flowers. There’s also the spring weather, not as hot as the height of summer, but not as chilling as winter.

With regards to wedding decorations, you could use some of our table crystals in Birmingham to decorate tables alongside flower petals to provide some sparkle with the beautiful flowers, for example you could use these green table crystals and these burgundy fabric petals.

What Wedding Flowers Could You Use?
If you’re interested in a spring wedding, you could use some of the following flowers:

  • Gerbera Daisy,
  • Hydrangea,
  • Peony,
  • Sweet Pea.

Spring Weddings; What To Watch Out For?

Whilst spring is a beautiful time of year to get married there are two things you may need to be cautious about. Firstly, the weather in spring can provide a risk of rain, so make sure that your wedding venue has appropriate precautions in case of rain, and like a winter wedding; set aside some money for umbrellas, just in case.

Also with spring you’ll need to think about allergies. Many people have seasonal allergies that affect them in the spring time. Similar to autumn time, you could help your guests prepare for the event by sending them information regarding the pollen forecast a few days/a week before the wedding.


Summer can be a beautiful season for weddings; it can provide wonderful summer weather for outside wedding receptions. A summer sunset could also provide a romantic backdrop for group photos or a photo of the happy couple.

Using our table crystals in Birmingham you could bring the beautiful summer sky into your table dressings; with table crystals to represent the beautiful blue summer sky and an image of the Sun created using orange petals and yellow petals.

What Wedding Flowers Could You Use?

If you’re considering getting married during the summer time, some of the flowers that you could choose are:

  • Carnation,
  • Daisy
  • Lavender,

Summer Weddings; What To Watch Out For?

The hot weather can be an issue with summer months, so if you are having a summer wedding and the reception will be in an indoor venue, make sure that the venue has quality air conditioning so that your guests can enjoy themselves without being uncomfortably warm.

What Season Should You Choose?

There is no ‘best season for a wedding’; it is all about personal preference. Think about what flowers you want to use at your wedding, think about your wedding photographs, and consider what type of venue you would like.

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