8 Ideas For A Wedding Theme

Wedding themes can be lots of fun, but sometimes it can be difficult to decide what accessories you want to use to match your theme. Your Wedding Supplies can provide a wonderful selection of wedding accessories in Birmingham, the surrounding areas and indeed the rest of the UK. So if you would like to purchase some quality wedding accessories or if you’re searching for advice regarding wedding decorations, give the friendly Your Wedding Supplies team a call today!

8 Ideas For A Wedding Theme

There are lots of fun wedding themes to choose from. Here’s a list of 8!

Winter Wonderland

If you’re planning a wedding in the winter, a winter wonderland wedding theme could be a fantastic idea!

You can choose from lots of fun wedding decorations and wedding accessories for a winter wonderland theme. You can decorate with lots of wonderful cool colours, using decorations such as purple table crystals or silver diamante flower stems.

The key to creating a wonderful winter wonderland wedding is the use of cool colours. As a general rule, cool colours are blue, green, white, grey and purple; this also includes silver. So if you’re searching for some jewellery to wear for a winter wonderland theme, silver jewellery or pearl jewellery would be a fantastic choice.

Autumn Harvest Theme

There are lots of wonderful decorations that you can use for an autumn harvest theme. If you serve your food as a buffet, a selection of autumn treats could serve as a both a selection of tasty food for your guests to enjoy and a beautiful piece of wedding decoration.

Also, with an autumn theme, you can decorate with lots of lovely warm colours. These colours include colours such as red, yellow, orange, gold and other creamy colours. So if you’re interested in wedding accessories in Birmingham for an autumn themed wedding, perhaps a pack a cappuchino satin butterflies or a large double wing pearl butterfly in ivory would be of interest to you.

Additionally, some vintage and rustic elements could work really well in an autumn theme; for example you could perhaps you could give your guests their wedding favours in beautiful hessian bags.

Fairytale Wedding

A fairytale theme can be a fantastic way to add an extra layer of romantic ‘magic’ to the wedding reception.

With a fairytale theme you can start by adding lots of wonderful regal colours and decorations; lots of gold and purple. However you could incorporate this into different areas of the wedding, not merely restricted to decoration. For example, you could give your wedding reception’s menu a fairytale twist with some delicious fairytale inspired tasty treats.

However, with regards to wedding decorations and accessories, perhaps these raspberry fabric rose petals or these lilac rose petals will provide your fairytale themed wedding with some romantic wedding accessories that you can use to decorate the tables.

The Seaside

If you’re a fan of the beach and the seaside, you could transform your wedding reception into a wonderful beach party. With beautiful wedding decorations such as a pack of medium satin butterflies in a cream/pink colour scheme you could create a beautiful wedding reception filled with lots of romantic wedding accessories to give your wedding that extra special feeling.

You could also create table centrepieces using a bowl filled with sand and some beautiful table crystals. Perhaps some turquoise table crystals to represent the sea/ocean and create your own little beach in a bowl as a centrepiece.

A Travel Theme

If you and your partner are fans of travelling you could create a wedding theme inspired by some of your favourite travel destinations. You could include photographs that you took on some of your favourite trips and use coloured flower petals, butterflies and/or table crystals in the colours of the destination’s national flags. For example, red, white and blue for the USA or black, red and gold for Germany.

Summer Garden

If you’re a fan of gardening, you could bring lots of beautiful plants into your wedding reception and use them as beautiful centrepieces and other items of decoration.

You could also use some rose petals to decorate the tables and other areas of the wedding reception. It might be interesting to choose colours that contrast the main colours of the flowers that you have chosen. For example, if you have chosen a lot of purple flowers, perhaps choosing some golden yellow rose petals will provide some eye catching contrast.


If you’re a fan of all things sparkly, having a sparkle themed wedding could be a wonderful theme. You could add sparkles to lots of wonderful wedding decorations with table crystals and lots of diamante decorations to choose from such as this diamante ribbon rose in silver.So if you love sparkles, visit the selection of wedding accessories and wedding decorations in Birmingham that are available from Your Wedding Supplies.

Your Favourite Colour

A theme doesn’t have to be something extravagant like transforming your wedding reception into a Caribbean beach party. Sometimes a simple wedding theme such as your favourite colour can create a wonderfully personalised and romantic wedding reception.For example, if your favourite colour is purple, you can decorate your wedding with lots of beautiful purple wedding decorations and accessories, such as flower petals. 

Beautiful Wedding Accessories In Birmingham; Available All Over The UK From Your Wedding Supplies

Even though we are based in Birmingham, our wedding accessories in Birmingham are available all over the United Kingdom. So if you’re searching for accessories or decorations for your wedding, visit the fantastic online store Your Wedding Supplies. We have a wonderful selection of different products to choose from, ranging from artificial flowers to DIY wedding favour boxes.

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Autumn, Winter, Spring Or Summer. Which Season Should You Choose?

If you’re in need of wedding advice, you can trust the Your Wedding Supplies team. From our online website you can purchase numerous wedding decorations and accessories such as table crystals in Birmingham, which are available all over the United Kingdom.

Autumn, Winter, Spring Or Summer. Which Season Should You Choose?

Deciding what season to get married in can be difficult. There are numerous different things to consider, it isn’t just the time of the year. You’ll need to consider things such as colour schemes, flowers, wedding styling, wedding accessories and decorations and much more.


During this season, nature provides a beautiful background for wedding photos. With lots of rich gold colours, beautiful oranges and earthy browns; you can enjoy a wide variety of warm colours during this romantic time of year.

You can add lots of seasonal fun to your wedding decorations, for example you could fill a bowl full of silver table crystals with some orange blossom resting inside the bowl.

What Wedding Flowers Could You Use?

If you’re interested in an autumn wedding, some wedding flowers that you could use are as follows:

  • Amaryllis,
  • Aster,
  • Calla Lily,

Autumn Weddings; What To Watch Out For?
Sometimes during the autumn months there can be increased amount of insects that bite. So if you are planning on an outdoor wedding reception, consider reminding your guests to wear insect repellent.

Additionally, you might also consider providing your guests with advice regarding the pollen forecast closer to the wedding date. Whilst one of the most common types of pollen allergen is grass pollen during May-July, some people are allergic to weed pollen which is around the end of June to September.

You can find a pollen forecast by visiting the Met Office website.


Many people love the idea of a winter wedding, especially one with freshly fallen snow. Cool colours can help to carry across a winter wonderland theme, such as turquoise or silver table crystals, which can provide a beautiful icy decorative feeling to your wedding reception tables.

What Wedding Flowers Could You Use?

If you would like a winter wedding, some flowers that you could use are:

  • Carnation,
  • Gardenia,
  • Rose,
  • Star of Bethlehem,

Winter Weddings; What To Watch Out For?

The weather in winter can make a wedding reception feel magical; however it could also rain for hours and hours during your ceremony and reception. So if you are interested in a winter wedding, remember to set aside some money in your budget for umbrellas.


There are lots of things that make spring weddings wonderful. Firstly there’s the wonderful backdrop of beautiful flowers. There’s also the spring weather, not as hot as the height of summer, but not as chilling as winter.

With regards to wedding decorations, you could use some of our table crystals in Birmingham to decorate tables alongside flower petals to provide some sparkle with the beautiful flowers, for example you could use these green table crystals and these burgundy fabric petals.

What Wedding Flowers Could You Use?
If you’re interested in a spring wedding, you could use some of the following flowers:

  • Gerbera Daisy,
  • Hydrangea,
  • Peony,
  • Sweet Pea.

Spring Weddings; What To Watch Out For?

Whilst spring is a beautiful time of year to get married there are two things you may need to be cautious about. Firstly, the weather in spring can provide a risk of rain, so make sure that your wedding venue has appropriate precautions in case of rain, and like a winter wedding; set aside some money for umbrellas, just in case.

Also with spring you’ll need to think about allergies. Many people have seasonal allergies that affect them in the spring time. Similar to autumn time, you could help your guests prepare for the event by sending them information regarding the pollen forecast a few days/a week before the wedding.


Summer can be a beautiful season for weddings; it can provide wonderful summer weather for outside wedding receptions. A summer sunset could also provide a romantic backdrop for group photos or a photo of the happy couple.

Using our table crystals in Birmingham you could bring the beautiful summer sky into your table dressings; with table crystals to represent the beautiful blue summer sky and an image of the Sun created using orange petals and yellow petals.

What Wedding Flowers Could You Use?

If you’re considering getting married during the summer time, some of the flowers that you could choose are:

  • Carnation,
  • Daisy
  • Lavender,

Summer Weddings; What To Watch Out For?

The hot weather can be an issue with summer months, so if you are having a summer wedding and the reception will be in an indoor venue, make sure that the venue has quality air conditioning so that your guests can enjoy themselves without being uncomfortably warm.

What Season Should You Choose?

There is no ‘best season for a wedding’; it is all about personal preference. Think about what flowers you want to use at your wedding, think about your wedding photographs, and consider what type of venue you would like.

Whatever season you choose for your wedding, you can find a wide variety of wedding decorations and accessories on our wonderful online website; Your Wedding Supplies.

Additionally, if you would like some more information regarding wedding accessories or perhaps some tips for choosing a wedding hairstyle, you can read lots of fantastic wedding tips by visiting our Blog.

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Top Tips on Creating The PERFECT wedding invitations

As the first look into your big day, a wedding invitation offers the perfect opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your invitees. Many people don’t place enough time and thought into creating invitations – but they are an extremely important part of a wedding, as they set the tone of what your guests will experience and also, offer further information about the event. A great way to incorporate everything you need is by creating your own DIY wedding stationery.

DIY Wedding Stationery, From Your Wedding Supplies

Here at Your Wedding Supplies, our team has many years of experience in offering wedding services in Redditch, Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands. Our speciality is catering for those often-overlooked details of a wedding ceremony – details that often make a huge difference in setting the right atmosphere for the happy couple and their guests.

With our DIY wedding stationery service, you can not only be supplied with high-quality invitations that would set the right tone for your big day but also place cards, embellishments, table plans, guest books and much, much more. Please browse our website to see the full range of our services, or read on for our tips on producing your perfect wedding invitations!

Our Tips On Creating The Perfect Wedding Invitations

In today’s world, it can be too easy to send an e-mail, text message or create a group on social media to act as the invitation. With the innovation of such things, many people believe that physical invitations would be a thing of the past by now – not so.

The best thing about a physical invitation is just that – it exists in material form! Whilst you can easily forget about a virtual message, it’s a lot harder to forget about something that takes up actual space. When it’s received, it will be read and most people will feel compelled to respond – not necessarily right away but acting as a constant reminder, as it sits on a table or in a drawer, it just can’t be ignored!

This is just one of many reasons why couples still send out physical invitations – they may also be traditionalists or simply want to reach people who don’t have access to many other forms of communication. Regardless of your reasons, the need to make them attractive and to sum up your event is an obvious one. With that in mind, here are our top tips on creating the perfect wedding invitations:


The style of your wedding. The design of the invitation should give a hint to the formalities of the wedding. For example, if you’re hosting an event that is classy and elegant, casual and comfortable or something more modern; this style should be reflected in your invitation.

The right colour. If you’ve set a certain colour scheme for your wedding, reflect this in your DIY wedding stationery and invitations too. Bright colours such as creams, whites and yellows are popular colours to use and will bring the most out of any designs or text that is present on the invitation – always keep readability in mind too!

Readability. Speaking of which, as you’re considering the perfect combination of colours and patterns; don’t forget about the text that will give out the information you want to get across to your guests. Ensure that the font and colouring you use for your text stands out on the background of the invitation, offering an attractive look AND ease of reading.

Don’t place too much text. Be as in depth as what you deem necessary but always be aware that the text must be easy to read, so avoid cramming in needless information. The key points of the invitation should be the time and location of the event, the names of the couple, whether there’s a dress code and the RSVP. By placing in too much information, you’ll be running the risk of making the text hard to read and the invitation itself look less elegant.

Delivery dates. Whilst on one hand, the long wait required to book your perfect venue can be a drag (especially when you just want to get married!), on the other, it gives you the best opportunity to get everything organised! As soon as you get the venue booked, immediately think about your guest list and the invites you need to send out. The optimum time to send them out is around 6 months before the day; this gives your guests more than enough time to respond – and allows you to concentrate on all the other aspects of the wedding!

RSVP Deadline. One often overlooked detail of an invitation is the need to put a deadline in, in regards to the RSVP. Doing this will give you those all-important numbers that you need to know, in regards to catering, table settings, DIY wedding stationery Check with your caterer and other suppliers how long in advance they need their final number and to be on the safe side, set the RSVP deadline a week or two before the latest date you have.

Counting Households. With the likelihood of your guests being from multiple families, living in the same property, there’s no need to send an invitation to each of them. For those who cohabit the same property, one invitation should cover all of them – saving time and cost in producing and sending the invitations.

Include A SAE. There’s nothing worse taking the time and going to the cost of producing such a gorgeous wedding invitation and seeing it not RSVP-ed. If you’re sending your invitations through the post, including a self-addressed envelope along with a stamp will at least make most people compelled to reply. To cut down on postal costs, perhaps save posting out invites to guests who live some distance away – for those who live close to you, you could always hand-deliver them and check up on them at a later date.

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Wedding Confectionery In Favours: The History and Lore

The giving out of wedding favours by the bride and groom to guests at their wedding is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Often comprising of small packages containing one or a number of keepsake gifts, they are often accompanied by special wedding confectionery.

Whether it’s the traditional sugared almonds, chocolate buttons or buratti; they have a traditional, symbolic meaning. What is this? To find that out, let’s have a look at the history of wedding favours:

The History of Wedding Confectionery In Favours.

A wedding, of course, is a memorable occasion and being invited to one is a highlight of many of our social calendars. A couple of hundred years ago, that highlight was a lot brighter as such lavish events were relatively rare and only affordable by the rich. Being invited to one would be an honour, lucky, if you will. This is why the couple would give out wedding favours – and guests would be delighted with them; the fortune that was bestowed on the couple was passed onto them.

The tradition of presenting wedding favours has been traced back to the 16th century when aristocrats in France gave out gifts known as bonbonnieres. These small trinket boxes were made from porcelain, crystal and/or precious stones and generally contained sugar cubes. This might sound odd to us today but in the 16th century, sugar was a relatively-rare commodity and it was only through the later expansion of European empires that saw more sugar traded and thus, became affordable to most people. Back to this particular wedding gift; the fact that the bonbonniere looked amazing and contained an expensive, sweet treat paved the way for the wedding favours we have today. Thankfully, providing that traditional, memorable memento of a wonderful occasion is nowhere near as expensive, or as difficult to get hold of, these days!

Today, the term ‘bonbonniere’ seems to be interchangeable with ‘favour’. Following the introduction of sugar, then the invention of dedicated ‘sweets’, a bonbon (hence the name!) was a regular appearance-maker in a wedding favour. Soon though, the sugared almond took over as the most popular wedding confectionery to include in a favour and there wasn’t just one of them – there were five. Even today, the tradition of placing in five different colours of sugared almonds is a well-known one. Being hard sweets, they are said to symbolise the strong bond between the couple. Each of five represents five vital virtues of a successful married life – happiness, health, wealth, fertility and a long life.

The beauty with including such confectionery as part of a wedding favour is that they don’t (pardon the pun) eat too much into your budget. Being small and light makes them easy to include alongside thank-you cards or keepsakes as part of a wedding favour.

Wedding Favour Accessories, By Your Wedding Supplies.

Our team of wedding experts here at Your Wedding Supplies has many years of experience in providing a wide array of services designed for couples to experience the most unique, or traditional day as possible. Aside from our large range of wedding confectionery products and wedding favour gift bags, just a couple of our other wedding supply services include wedding decorations, stationery – even those smaller accessories that are an absolute must for your bridal party. And that’s exactly what we specialise in here at Your Wedding Supplies – those smaller, finer things that may be often overlooked but nevertheless are able to make all the difference in setting the best-possible atmosphere on the biggest day of your life.

Just some of our wedding confectionery items include:

  • Sugared Almonds – Are you a traditionalist? Then the inclusion of five sugared almonds would sum up the look and feel of your theme and of course, bestow some of your luck on your guests!
  • Foiled Chocolate – Why not include something different as part of your wedding favour? These delightful foiled chocolates are available in varying colours and shapes – from love hearts, balls and even novelty champagne bottles! Thanks to their design, there’s no doubting that they will enchant and surprise many of your guests.
  • Tiny Sweets and Small Mints – The traditional ‘after meal sweetener’ is, of course, a mint. Being somewhat cool and refreshing, our small mints are available in a number of shapes and sizes, including love hearts and stars.
  • Chocolate Dragees – As one of the oldest and most popular types of sweets around, chocolate dragees are perfect to include as part of a traditional wedding favour. Being a fine chocolate covered with a thin sugar shell, they are available in many different colours and shapes.

Wedding Favour Bags and Boxes.

It isn’t just wedding confectionery that we retail here at Your Wedding Supplies – we also have a vast range of wedding favour bags and boxes for you to place all of your little sweets, keepsakes and/or messages in. Made from high-quality materials, we can guarantee that no matter which type and colour of material you choose, your guests would be simply enthralled at receiving such a gift for attending your big day. Please do not hesitate to browse our extensive ranges for more information on each individual product, including photos.

Elegant Wedding Favours In Birmingham and Throughout The UK.

If you would like to find out more information on our wedding confectionery or any aspect of our wedding services, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. You can call our friendly wedding experts on 0800 3579 033 or you can send an e-mail to us at

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Choosing The Right Wedding Accessories For Your Wedding

Located just a few miles outside of the UK’s second city, if you’re searching for wedding accessories in Birmingham Your Wedding Supplies is a fantastic choice. However, in addition to being placed in a wonderful location to provide high quality wedding supplies to the people of Birmingham, our central local also allows us to provide high quality wedding decorations and accessories to the rest of the United Kingdom!

Choosing The Right Wedding Accessories, 8 Tips To Help

There are lots of different wedding accessories to choose from and it can be difficult to find high quality wedding accessories at affordable prices. As, such we’ve created this quick list of 8 tips to give you a helping hand with deciding what wedding decorations you should choose.

Choose Your Colours Carefully
It is very important that your colours and patterns work well together. This doesn’t mean that everything has to be a single colour or you have to pick colours that match, sometimes some colour contrast can be very effective. Think about a classic romantic red rose. The red and green contrast each other, this draws attention to the rose and as such a single rose with red petals and a green stem can make a very powerful statement.

So in addition to the samples of the colours for your bridesmaid dresses and other wedding products, keep a colour wheel nearby so you can quickly find colours that contrast. The easiest way to do this is to find the colour of the dress on the colour wheel, for example purple and look directly opposite, which in this case would be yellow.

Think About The Wedding Dress, Engagement Ring And Wedding Rings
With regards to what the bride is wearing, arguably the three most important pieces are the wedding ring, the engagement ring and of course, her wedding dress. As such it is important to choose wedding accessories and decorations that work with these.

For example, if the bride is wearing an engagement ring with a beautiful sapphire, you might be interested in using blue table crystals as wedding decorations for your wedding centrepieces. However, if you’re not a fan of table crystals but you still want something special to add to the tables at the wedding reception venue, blue rose petals are great way to bring an extra romantic element to a romantic celebration of love.

Consider The Venue’s Features
Think about your venue and if it has any features that you could utilise for your wedding decorations. Perhaps you could tie some artificial flowers to beams using organza sashes. Or perhaps there are other features that you could decorate such as a beautiful large fireplace or large windows.

Use Flowers
Flowers are incredibly popular for weddings; many couples choose to decorate both their ceremony venue and their reception venue with flowers. They are a great choice of decoration because they are available in numerous different colours and there are lots of different types and styles of flowers to choose from.

Some quick tips to help you make the most out of your wedding flowers. You could reuse your ceremony flowers during your reception, or you could use the ceremony flowers to create a photo area where your guests can pose for photographs. You could even create a hashtag for guests to share their pictures on social media, so you can browse through them at a later date and see your wedding ‘through the eyes of your guests’.

Keep Things Simple
Remember that in many aspects of life; less is more. Whilst you may be tempted to go overboard with wedding decorations, remember to keep things simple. If you instead choose a few more eye catching and memorable items, they’ll have a bigger impact as guests will not be distracted by the large amount of decorative accessories scattered all over the venue.

Consider The Time Of Year
Think very carefully about any decorative features and the time of year. For example, if you are considering a large fireplace with a log fire burning during a summertime wedding, it might make guests feel very warm and uncomfortable; especially if there’s a heat wave. As such, think about the time of year and choose decorations and accessories for your wedding that are appropriate for the weather.

Pick A Theme For Your Wedding
If you feel spoiled for choice and you’re unsure what wedding accessories you should choose, picking a theme is a great idea. If both you and your partner enjoy rustic and vintage themes, styling your wedding in a vintage theme could be a great idea.

Get Professional Advice
If you’re unsure what wedding decorations you should use, it can be very useful to speak to a professional. At Your Wedding Supplies we provide high quality wedding accessories in Birmingham to people across the United Kingdom. So, if you need advice about wedding decorations and wedding accessories, you can contact us and speak to our talented team of professionals.

Wedding Accessories In Birmingham, Available All Over The UK From Your Wedding Supplies

If you’re searching for beautiful wedding decorations, contact Your Wedding Supplies and enquire about our wonderful selection of wedding accessories in Birmingham that are available all over the United Kingdom.

If you have any questions regarding any of the fantastic wedding products available on our online store, or if you would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly and dedicated team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

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8 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Hairstyle

There are many different ways that you can wear your hair at your wedding, and many of them work beautifully with a wedding tiara. So if you’re browsing the collection of wedding tiaras in Worcestershire and the rest of the UK from our online store and you’re wondering what wedding hairstyle you should choose, here are a few tips to give you a helping hand.

8 Tips For Wedding Hairstyles

  • Practice
    Practice is key. Don’t leave it until your wedding day to realise that you don’t like your wedding hairstyle; that would be awful! Instead have a practice day where you can have your hair done in the style that you’re considering having for your wedding.It is very important that you do not go alone for the practice session. Take somebody you trust with you, this could be your mother, your chief bridesmaid or somebody else that you trust. With a close friend / family member nearby, you can get a helpful and honest second opinion from somebody that you trust.


  • Accessorise
    Wedding accessories for your hair can transform a good hairstyle into a magnificent hairstyle. Experiment with different accessories such as hairpins with some sparkle, artificial flowers or an elegant wedding tiara.Wedding accessories such as these can help to elevate your hairstyle from beautiful to breathtaking. If you’re searching for wedding tiaras in Worcestershire and the rest of the UK, we have a fantastic selection to choose from; available in different styles including simple designs, contemporary designs and elegant vintage designs. Browse our selection and find the wedding tiara that’s right for you.


  • Try Out A Few Different Styles
    Even if you think that you’ve found your perfect hairstyle, try out a few different hairstyles. This way, you can compare styles against each other.In addition to trying out different styles, you should also attend practice appointments with multiple stylists. Perhaps the stylist has to cancel your wedding appointment and you do not have time to book a practice session with a new stylist. If you trial your wedding hair with multiple stylists, you might find that a stylist who you originally would not have considered might be a much better fit for your style than the one you would have originally chosen.


  • Think About Your Dress
    It is very important that you consider your wedding dress at all times when you’re choosing your hair style.From the style itself to the accessories you’re wearing in it, you need to make sure that your hair works with your dress. If you’ve chosen a vintage style dress, be cautious with more post-modern hairstyles and accessories, and vice-versa.Mixing styles can sometimes work wonderfully, however sometimes it can be a fashion disaster. This again is another reason why it is important to practice and trial different styles. If you’re an adventurous person and you think that mixing styles might work for you, give it a go and test it out. If it doesn’t work out, it will just be a great story to tell your friends over a few cocktails at the hen party. If it works, well great news; you just got an awesome style to wear at your wedding. Just think how beautiful and unique you’re going to look!


  • What Will The Weather Be Like?
    This is an important thing to consider, especially if you’re getting married abroad where the climate is hot and humid. You wouldn’t want to have beautifully styled hair only for it to be defeated by frizz!Have a discussion with your stylist about the climate and weather forecast for your wedding day and decide on a style that is going to work with your style, your dress and also the weather.


  • Stay True To Yourself
    It can be very easy to get carried away looking at various different bridal blogs, magazines and Pinterest boards. However, it is important to remember that the models are not you. Indeed the styles, designs and outfits may look beautiful, elegant and romantic, however you should use them as inspiration and create your own unique style.Your wedding is unique to you and as such your style should equally be unique. Look to others for inspiration, but make sure that you are the centre of your own style.
    It doesn’t matter if your hairstyle is simple or extravagant, as long as it is right for you. So have some fun, be adventurous, but most important of all; be yourself.


  • Don’t Get Your Haircut Shortly Before The Wedding
    We’ve all heard the nightmare stories, the bride-to-be visits the hairdressers a few days before the wedding and disaster strikes. The hairdresser cuts her hair too short and now her style can’t work unless she uses hair extensions.Plan ahead of time and get your hair cut a few months before and keep your hair looking beautiful with a good hair care routine.


  • Remember To Have Fun
    It might seem silly to remind you to have fun, but weddings can be stressful so it is important to remember that you should have fun. It can feel like there’s a lot on your plate; there is a lot of planning and organisation involved in planning a wedding however, make sure give yourself some time to have fun and enjoy it.

Beautiful Wedding Accessories And Wedding Decorations From Your Wedding Supplies.

If you’re interested in any of the elegant and beautiful wedding tiaras in Worcestershire and the rest of the UK that are available on our website, but would like some more information; please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and dedicated team.

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