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Unsure about what to include as part of a wedding favour for your guests at your wedding? Why not consider creating delicious wedding confectionery favours to satisfy those sweet teeth amongst your wedding party? Loved by almost anyone, a chocolate wedding favour, for example, can cater for the majority of your guests – and with a wide range of types of styles available, they would be simply perfect for any type of wedding!

Here at Your Wedding Supplies, we have many years of experience in providing a number of bridal and wedding supplies in Birmingham and across the UK. No matter if you’re looking for wedding venue decorations, wedding stationary or even a gorgeous tiara – our speciality is looking after those smaller details of your big day; details that would make all the difference in setting the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests.

Suppliers of Wedding Confectionery In Birmingham and The UK.

Given as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation from the couple to guests at a wedding, bestowing favours is a tradition at wedding ceremonies that dates back hundreds of years. Small and light to include alongside other gifts, such as thank-you cards or keepsakes, sweets and chocolates are a popular item to give away as part of a wedding favour. With the costs of a wedding already mounting up, providing your guests with a high quality, yet cost-effective gift that reflects you and your partner’s personalities would go a long way in negating that cost.

Our wedding confectionery range consists of:

  • Chocolate Dragees – A fine chocolate covered with a thin sugar shell, dragees are one of the oldest (and most popular) sweets around. With many different colours and shapes available, dragees often play a dual role of decoration AND as a sweet treat – perfect for such an occasion as a wedding!
  • Foiled Chocolate – Wrapped up in varying colours and available in heart shapes, balls – even novelty shaped champagne bottles – our range of foiled chocolates will delight and surprise many of your guests!
  • Sugared Almonds – Ever heard of the tradition of giving out five different colours of sugared almonds at your wedding? It’s said that these robust sweets symbolise the strong bond between the newlywed couple, with each almond representing happiness, health, wealth, fertility and a long life. Here at Your Wedding Supplies, we have more than five different types of these extremely sweet-tasting treats, so we’ve got you well covered for all these options!
  • Small Mints and Tiny Sweets – Perfect for any after-dinner or after-party occasion, is of course a mint. Offering a cool and refreshing taste, our small mints are available in a couple of different shapes, including hearts and stars.

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