Top Tips on Creating The PERFECT wedding invitations

As the first look into your big day, a wedding invitation offers the perfect opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your invitees. Many people don’t place enough time and thought into creating invitations – but they are an extremely important part of a wedding, as they set the tone of what your guests will experience and also, offer further information about the event. A great way to incorporate everything you need is by creating your own DIY wedding stationery.

DIY Wedding Stationery, From Your Wedding Supplies

Here at Your Wedding Supplies, our team has many years of experience in offering wedding services in Redditch, Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands. Our speciality is catering for those often-overlooked details of a wedding ceremony – details that often make a huge difference in setting the right atmosphere for the happy couple and their guests.

With our DIY wedding stationery service, you can not only be supplied with high-quality invitations that would set the right tone for your big day but also place cards, embellishments, table plans, guest books and much, much more. Please browse our website to see the full range of our services, or read on for our tips on producing your perfect wedding invitations!

Our Tips On Creating The Perfect Wedding Invitations

In today’s world, it can be too easy to send an e-mail, text message or create a group on social media to act as the invitation. With the innovation of such things, many people believe that physical invitations would be a thing of the past by now – not so.

The best thing about a physical invitation is just that – it exists in material form! Whilst you can easily forget about a virtual message, it’s a lot harder to forget about something that takes up actual space. When it’s received, it will be read and most people will feel compelled to respond – not necessarily right away but acting as a constant reminder, as it sits on a table or in a drawer, it just can’t be ignored!

This is just one of many reasons why couples still send out physical invitations – they may also be traditionalists or simply want to reach people who don’t have access to many other forms of communication. Regardless of your reasons, the need to make them attractive and to sum up your event is an obvious one. With that in mind, here are our top tips on creating the perfect wedding invitations:


The style of your wedding. The design of the invitation should give a hint to the formalities of the wedding. For example, if you’re hosting an event that is classy and elegant, casual and comfortable or something more modern; this style should be reflected in your invitation.

The right colour. If you’ve set a certain colour scheme for your wedding, reflect this in your DIY wedding stationery and invitations too. Bright colours such as creams, whites and yellows are popular colours to use and will bring the most out of any designs or text that is present on the invitation – always keep readability in mind too!

Readability. Speaking of which, as you’re considering the perfect combination of colours and patterns; don’t forget about the text that will give out the information you want to get across to your guests. Ensure that the font and colouring you use for your text stands out on the background of the invitation, offering an attractive look AND ease of reading.

Don’t place too much text. Be as in depth as what you deem necessary but always be aware that the text must be easy to read, so avoid cramming in needless information. The key points of the invitation should be the time and location of the event, the names of the couple, whether there’s a dress code and the RSVP. By placing in too much information, you’ll be running the risk of making the text hard to read and the invitation itself look less elegant.

Delivery dates. Whilst on one hand, the long wait required to book your perfect venue can be a drag (especially when you just want to get married!), on the other, it gives you the best opportunity to get everything organised! As soon as you get the venue booked, immediately think about your guest list and the invites you need to send out. The optimum time to send them out is around 6 months before the day; this gives your guests more than enough time to respond – and allows you to concentrate on all the other aspects of the wedding!

RSVP Deadline. One often overlooked detail of an invitation is the need to put a deadline in, in regards to the RSVP. Doing this will give you those all-important numbers that you need to know, in regards to catering, table settings, DIY wedding stationery Check with your caterer and other suppliers how long in advance they need their final number and to be on the safe side, set the RSVP deadline a week or two before the latest date you have.

Counting Households. With the likelihood of your guests being from multiple families, living in the same property, there’s no need to send an invitation to each of them. For those who cohabit the same property, one invitation should cover all of them – saving time and cost in producing and sending the invitations.

Include A SAE. There’s nothing worse taking the time and going to the cost of producing such a gorgeous wedding invitation and seeing it not RSVP-ed. If you’re sending your invitations through the post, including a self-addressed envelope along with a stamp will at least make most people compelled to reply. To cut down on postal costs, perhaps save posting out invites to guests who live some distance away – for those who live close to you, you could always hand-deliver them and check up on them at a later date.

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