8 Ideas For A Wedding Theme

Wedding themes can be lots of fun, but sometimes it can be difficult to decide what accessories you want to use to match your theme. Your Wedding Supplies can provide a wonderful selection of wedding accessories in Birmingham, the surrounding areas and indeed the rest of the UK. So if you would like to purchase some quality wedding accessories or if you’re searching for advice regarding wedding decorations, give the friendly Your Wedding Supplies team a call today!

8 Ideas For A Wedding Theme

There are lots of fun wedding themes to choose from. Here’s a list of 8!

Winter Wonderland

If you’re planning a wedding in the winter, a winter wonderland wedding theme could be a fantastic idea!

You can choose from lots of fun wedding decorations and wedding accessories for a winter wonderland theme. You can decorate with lots of wonderful cool colours, using decorations such as purple table crystals or silver diamante flower stems.

The key to creating a wonderful winter wonderland wedding is the use of cool colours. As a general rule, cool colours are blue, green, white, grey and purple; this also includes silver. So if you’re searching for some jewellery to wear for a winter wonderland theme, silver jewellery or pearl jewellery would be a fantastic choice.

Autumn Harvest Theme

There are lots of wonderful decorations that you can use for an autumn harvest theme. If you serve your food as a buffet, a selection of autumn treats could serve as a both a selection of tasty food for your guests to enjoy and a beautiful piece of wedding decoration.

Also, with an autumn theme, you can decorate with lots of lovely warm colours. These colours include colours such as red, yellow, orange, gold and other creamy colours. So if you’re interested in wedding accessories in Birmingham for an autumn themed wedding, perhaps a pack a cappuchino satin butterflies or a large double wing pearl butterfly in ivory would be of interest to you.

Additionally, some vintage and rustic elements could work really well in an autumn theme; for example you could perhaps you could give your guests their wedding favours in beautiful hessian bags.

Fairytale Wedding

A fairytale theme can be a fantastic way to add an extra layer of romantic ‘magic’ to the wedding reception.

With a fairytale theme you can start by adding lots of wonderful regal colours and decorations; lots of gold and purple. However you could incorporate this into different areas of the wedding, not merely restricted to decoration. For example, you could give your wedding reception’s menu a fairytale twist with some delicious fairytale inspired tasty treats.

However, with regards to wedding decorations and accessories, perhaps these raspberry fabric rose petals or these lilac rose petals will provide your fairytale themed wedding with some romantic wedding accessories that you can use to decorate the tables.

The Seaside

If you’re a fan of the beach and the seaside, you could transform your wedding reception into a wonderful beach party. With beautiful wedding decorations such as a pack of medium satin butterflies in a cream/pink colour scheme you could create a beautiful wedding reception filled with lots of romantic wedding accessories to give your wedding that extra special feeling.

You could also create table centrepieces using a bowl filled with sand and some beautiful table crystals. Perhaps some turquoise table crystals to represent the sea/ocean and create your own little beach in a bowl as a centrepiece.

A Travel Theme

If you and your partner are fans of travelling you could create a wedding theme inspired by some of your favourite travel destinations. You could include photographs that you took on some of your favourite trips and use coloured flower petals, butterflies and/or table crystals in the colours of the destination’s national flags. For example, red, white and blue for the USA or black, red and gold for Germany.

Summer Garden

If you’re a fan of gardening, you could bring lots of beautiful plants into your wedding reception and use them as beautiful centrepieces and other items of decoration.

You could also use some rose petals to decorate the tables and other areas of the wedding reception. It might be interesting to choose colours that contrast the main colours of the flowers that you have chosen. For example, if you have chosen a lot of purple flowers, perhaps choosing some golden yellow rose petals will provide some eye catching contrast.


If you’re a fan of all things sparkly, having a sparkle themed wedding could be a wonderful theme. You could add sparkles to lots of wonderful wedding decorations with table crystals and lots of diamante decorations to choose from such as this diamante ribbon rose in silver.So if you love sparkles, visit the selection of wedding accessories and wedding decorations in Birmingham that are available from Your Wedding Supplies.

Your Favourite Colour

A theme doesn’t have to be something extravagant like transforming your wedding reception into a Caribbean beach party. Sometimes a simple wedding theme such as your favourite colour can create a wonderfully personalised and romantic wedding reception.For example, if your favourite colour is purple, you can decorate your wedding with lots of beautiful purple wedding decorations and accessories, such as flower petals. 

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