Wedding Confectionery In Favours: The History and Lore

The giving out of wedding favours by the bride and groom to guests at their wedding is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Often comprising of small packages containing one or a number of keepsake gifts, they are often accompanied by special wedding confectionery.

Whether it’s the traditional sugared almonds, chocolate buttons or buratti; they have a traditional, symbolic meaning. What is this? To find that out, let’s have a look at the history of wedding favours:

The History of Wedding Confectionery In Favours.

A wedding, of course, is a memorable occasion and being invited to one is a highlight of many of our social calendars. A couple of hundred years ago, that highlight was a lot brighter as such lavish events were relatively rare and only affordable by the rich. Being invited to one would be an honour, lucky, if you will. This is why the couple would give out wedding favours – and guests would be delighted with them; the fortune that was bestowed on the couple was passed onto them.

The tradition of presenting wedding favours has been traced back to the 16th century when aristocrats in France gave out gifts known as bonbonnieres. These small trinket boxes were made from porcelain, crystal and/or precious stones and generally contained sugar cubes. This might sound odd to us today but in the 16th century, sugar was a relatively-rare commodity and it was only through the later expansion of European empires that saw more sugar traded and thus, became affordable to most people. Back to this particular wedding gift; the fact that the bonbonniere looked amazing and contained an expensive, sweet treat paved the way for the wedding favours we have today. Thankfully, providing that traditional, memorable memento of a wonderful occasion is nowhere near as expensive, or as difficult to get hold of, these days!

Today, the term ‘bonbonniere’ seems to be interchangeable with ‘favour’. Following the introduction of sugar, then the invention of dedicated ‘sweets’, a bonbon (hence the name!) was a regular appearance-maker in a wedding favour. Soon though, the sugared almond took over as the most popular wedding confectionery to include in a favour and there wasn’t just one of them – there were five. Even today, the tradition of placing in five different colours of sugared almonds is a well-known one. Being hard sweets, they are said to symbolise the strong bond between the couple. Each of five represents five vital virtues of a successful married life – happiness, health, wealth, fertility and a long life.

The beauty with including such confectionery as part of a wedding favour is that they don’t (pardon the pun) eat too much into your budget. Being small and light makes them easy to include alongside thank-you cards or keepsakes as part of a wedding favour.

Wedding Favour Accessories, By Your Wedding Supplies.

Our team of wedding experts here at Your Wedding Supplies has many years of experience in providing a wide array of services designed for couples to experience the most unique, or traditional day as possible. Aside from our large range of wedding confectionery products and wedding favour gift bags, just a couple of our other wedding supply services include wedding decorations, stationery – even those smaller accessories that are an absolute must for your bridal party. And that’s exactly what we specialise in here at Your Wedding Supplies – those smaller, finer things that may be often overlooked but nevertheless are able to make all the difference in setting the best-possible atmosphere on the biggest day of your life.

Just some of our wedding confectionery items include:

  • Sugared Almonds – Are you a traditionalist? Then the inclusion of five sugared almonds would sum up the look and feel of your theme and of course, bestow some of your luck on your guests!
  • Foiled Chocolate – Why not include something different as part of your wedding favour? These delightful foiled chocolates are available in varying colours and shapes – from love hearts, balls and even novelty champagne bottles! Thanks to their design, there’s no doubting that they will enchant and surprise many of your guests.
  • Tiny Sweets and Small Mints – The traditional ‘after meal sweetener’ is, of course, a mint. Being somewhat cool and refreshing, our small mints are available in a number of shapes and sizes, including love hearts and stars.
  • Chocolate Dragees – As one of the oldest and most popular types of sweets around, chocolate dragees are perfect to include as part of a traditional wedding favour. Being a fine chocolate covered with a thin sugar shell, they are available in many different colours and shapes.

Wedding Favour Bags and Boxes.

It isn’t just wedding confectionery that we retail here at Your Wedding Supplies – we also have a vast range of wedding favour bags and boxes for you to place all of your little sweets, keepsakes and/or messages in. Made from high-quality materials, we can guarantee that no matter which type and colour of material you choose, your guests would be simply enthralled at receiving such a gift for attending your big day. Please do not hesitate to browse our extensive ranges for more information on each individual product, including photos.

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